Projects Tab Overview

In the Projects tab, you can add already created projects and organize them into three categories:

  • Active: Projects currently ongoing or in progress;
  • Upcoming: Scheduled projects that haven't started yet;
  • Finished: Completed projects.

The buttons in each category display the total number of projects contained within. You can then click on the Category button to navigate to a filtered list of relevant projects.

Adding Projects

To add a new project:

  1. Select one of the following categories: Active, Upcoming, or Finished;
  2. Click the + Add button;
  3. Fill in the required fields:
  • Project: Select the project name;
  • Position: Select a position for the employee within the project;
  • Start Date: specify the date the project will start.
     4. You can also fill in the optional fields depending on what information you need to display 

        within the profile;

     5. Click Save to add a new position or Cancel to discard the changes.

Once the project is added you can click on its name to view these details: 

Project Overview

  • Client: Who you're working with;
  • Project Name: The project's title;
  • Project Owner: The person responsible for overseeing the project;
  • Start and End Dates: The timeframe for project completion.
  • Teammates: A list of individuals involved in bringing the project to life. This detailed information lets you easily manage the team and track their progress.

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