Approving a Requisition

Since we have already learned how the requisitions are created let's see how to perform requisition management.

To get started with the process follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your raiseR Account;
  2. Navigate to the Hire module;
  3. Expand the Requisitions menu and you will see the below-mentioned sections, depending on your permission levels.
Requisitions to Approve

Here you will find all the requisitions that are awaiting for approval. The requisitions vary based on their: ID; Position Level; Branch Office; Department; Project; and Coverage status, which indicates how many approvers responded to the requisition; Requester; Requisition Status; and, Date.

You can respond to the requisition by clicking either the Discard or Respond buttons while viewing it. 

  • The Discard button archives the requisition:
  • The Respond button will let you Accept or Reject the requisition:
    • Reject: The requisition will be rejected and closed accordingly;
    • Accept: as an employee with a Requisition Approver role you will need to pick the Recruiter and Hiring Manager for the further recruitment processes.

Tip: It is possible to skip the Approver if the Skip Requisition action is enabled for your user and if you are involved as a Recruiter in that Requisition. 

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