January 2024

Exciting news! raiseR just got a major upgrade - we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new White Label feature along with other big news! 

What's New This Month?


The WHITE LABEL Revolution is Here!

Now you can ditch the generic and build your branded organization.

With the raiseR's White Label feature you will have your own branded and customized: 

• Web and Mobile Versions

• Tailored Design Schemes

• Light and Dark Modes for mobile versions 


All Candidates and All Applicants Buttons

We have added handy All Candidates and All Applicants buttons accordingly in the Candidates, Applicants and Job Opening sections. The new implementation will serve as a Next or Previous button and navigate you to the corresponding candidate's/applicant's profile. 

Also, each button displays a clear count in the format (Serial Number/Total Number), allowing you to:

• See the exact number of candidates/applicants in your current filtered or sorted list.

• Track the current candidate/applicant's serial number within the filtered or sorted list.

Bulk-messaging with Candidates

From now on you'll be able to bulk-email to your candidates right within the job opening. The new functionality will not only save your time but also easy the communication with your candidates in certain stages of a specific job opening.

SETTINGS → Updated View for Integrations and Recruitment sections

Integration messages and Job Opening templates have new, dedicated homes for enhanced workflow and user experience!

Click here to read more about integration messages templates and here to work with recruitment related templates. 

Bug Fixes

HIRE → Applicants

✔ Issues with linking applicants to recruitment

✔ Constant logout issue on raiseR Mobile

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