June 2024

This release is all about improving your candidate experience and leveraging valuable survey data! We've implemented several enhancements focused on candidate management and survey functionality.

What's New This Month?

TALENT ACQUISITION: Filter Candidates by Survey Responses

Find top talent faster with our new survey filter for Candidate and Applicant pages!

This new tool lets you see the survey questions and answers directly in the filter window, allowing you to target your search based on relevant responses and identify the best-fit candidates with greater efficiency.

Enhanced Candidate Flow Management 

We've added a new way to manage candidate flow with more flexibility. Now you can move candidates to any custom stage (including Job Offer (system)) via a new dropdown menu that appears by clicking the arrow on the Move to Next Stage button.

The standard button remains available to progress candidates through your existing pipeline flow.

Upgraded communication capabilities! We've introduced two powerful enhancements to our message-sending functionality:

  1. Send Messages via Integration or Default Email: A new Sent via Integration option allows you to choose between sending messages through your integrated email service or using Raiser's default email address ([email protected]) or a specific individual's name and email.
  2. External User Support: Expand your reach by adding external recipients to your CC and BCC fields. The system validates and assists in adding external email addresses, making connecting with anyone you need simpler.

EXPERIENCE: Surveys Get a Makeover!

Now you can craft engaging and visually appealing questions with our new HTML editor.

Localization of Job Opening Templates and Job Description

It is now possible to add the translations of Job Description in Armenian and German languages both in the Job Opening Templates and Job Description of Hire module and Settings accordingly. The system will automatically detect your Job Posting form language and display the Job Description in respective language. 

Job Opening Templates localization 

Job Description localization

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