May 2024

In this release, we're excited to introduce a series of improvements across raiseR to enhance efficiency and access to crucial information. Let's dive into the details 👇

What's New This Month?

LEAVES AND ATTENDANCE: Enhanced Time Off Management

We've improved the time off functionality to provide greater clarity and transparency. Now, when creating new time off types within Settings, you can define the Policy Details. This allows you to specify important information about each leave type. Additionally, you can now attach relevant documents to each policy. This information will be available on Time Off cards, as well as in requesting and reporting pop-up windows.

TALENT ACQUISITION: Social Security Number Added to Profiles

We've enhanced applicant/candidate tracking and background checks to both employee and applicant profiles. This update simplifies compliance processes and facilitates thorough background.

GENERAL: Introducing Seamless Knowledge Base Integration in Onboarding/Offboarding!

Optimize your onboarding/offboarding processes with our new functionality! Now, when you're navigating the On/Offboarding module in raiseR, you'll see relevant Knowledge Base article icons within specific sections. Simply click on the icon to be redirected to the corresponding article for additional information.

We're constantly working to improve raiseR and this is just the first step. Stay tuned for similar Knowledge Base integrations across other raiseR modules!

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