September 2023


In this release, we are excited to unveil several enhancements. We have a valuable addition to the Hiring stage of the Recruitment flow - the Create Employee Profile toggle switcher. This feature allows users to choose between creating an employee profile during the hiring process or deferring profile creation to a later time. It enhances flexibility and streamlines the hiring process.

Furthermore, we've improved your email experience by incorporating hyperlinks on images within the respective Email pop-up windows. This makes navigation and interaction with emails more user-friendly.

Notable changes have been made to the Countries list within the Customization section, providing you with more control and customization options.  Additionally, discover the latest updates in the Cockpit's Roles and Permissions section, empowering you with new actions and views for enhanced user management.

New Features and Important Enhancements

HIRE → Hire Candidates Without Employee Status

Introducing to you a new feature that provides flexibility when hiring candidates. Now, once the recruitment process is completed you will be able to either Hire the candidate and create an Employee profile for him/her or close the recruitment for the candidate by hiring him but without making an employee profile, just to keep the records in your database.

HIRE → Hyperlinks To Images

We've added a feature that allows you to use the Hyperlink/Unlink icon directly on images. Going forward, you will find the Hyperlink/Unlink icons in the following pop-up windows: Add Signature, Send Message, Add Meeting, and Integration templates. 

Other Enhancements

HIRE → Adding Multiple associates

We've eliminated the validation restriction regarding using the same employee as an Associate within the same stage. Going forward, you can now conveniently schedule multiple meetings with the same associates.

COCKPIT → Customizations

These release notes provide a clear and concise overview of the changes made to the Countries list within the Customization section in the Cockpit.

We've introduced two new icons in the Actions column of the Countries list—Archive and Restore.

To make navigation even more efficient, we've added a Status filter above the list, offering two options: Archived and Active.

COCKPIT → Roles and Permissions 

We've introduced a new permission option called View Time Off Types on Dashboards in the Actions/View tab. 

The feature will allow you to give or restrict the access to the selected user role to see the Time Off type that other employees have selected. 

Bug Fixes

HIRE → My Requisitions

  • Users cannot update a Draft requisition without a requisition flow set up.
  • Attachments are not saved for Draft requisitions.


  • In the HTML editor field for adding or editing email signatures, the text formatting options for Heading 7, Standard, and Default are not being applied.


  • When making edits to a position, the position is not updated after saving.

WORK  → Projects

  • The tooltips on the Project cards are not completely visible.
  • In the Projects list, when the owner's position is closed, it displays as null for the Project Owner's position/level.
  • The teammate's status changes from Unassigned to Active.
  • Sidebar filters do not appear when opening the Projects list from breadcrumbs
  • Some translations in Armenian and German are missing in the Projects module.
Resource Planner
  • The Resource Planner page fails to open.
  • Filters are not currently applying correctly and are causing errors.
  • Sidebar filters do not appear when opening the Projects list.

  • The user sees an incorrect profile while logging in.
  • In the email notifications from Raiser, the page is not found when clicking on the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy links.
  • Clicking on the View Applicant Profile button in the notification emails and the notification bell leads to an incorrect link, resulting in users being redirected to the homepage instead of the applicant profile.
  • The email notifications contain incorrect links to the Help Center and Release Notes.
  • The address line in the Business Address block is displaying the street and city in the incorrect order.
  • The HTML editor fields do not display the Heading Style full drop-down list.

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