July 2023


We are pleased to announce that in this release we have introduced a new option Hourly for Time Off type to the Time Offs sub-section of Leaves and Attendance. With this new addition, you can easily indicate the duration of your time off, ensuring accurate tracking and management of your hours.

We have implemented significant enhancements to the Education and Experience tab within the Employee Profile section of the Staff module, particularly in the Languages and Trainings and Certificates tabs. These updates greatly improve the functionality and visibility of language and certificate management within the system.

Moreover, we updated the Job Opening sections within the Applicants' and Candidates’ areas. These additions enhance the functionality of the Job Opening sections in both the Applicants' and Candidates' areas by allowing better organization and categorization through the use of tags.

New Features and Important Enhancements


Enhancements related to Time Offs - We have added a new option to the Time Offs sub-section of Leaves and Attendance within the Cockpit module. Introducing the Hourly field, which is now conveniently available as a switcher on the Add New Type and Policy page. 

When the Hourly Switcher is turned ON, the days adjacent to the Max negative amount, Max accrual, and Amount accrued fields will be replaced with hours.

This exciting enhancement allows you to request time off for some hours within a day. If you need a few hours away from work, the Hourly feature gives you the flexibility to tailor your leave to your precise needs.

According to this update, we have made modifications to the date fields in all pop-up windows for requesting/reporting time off in Hours across the system.

Note: The Hourly Time Off feature allows only users who have been assigned to this specific time off type to make requests. 

Other Enhancements



We have added some fields to the Add New Language pop-up window in the Skills section of the Education and Experience tab.

  • Listening (text field) - to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Language Proficiency Levels.
  • Verified (toggle switcher) - to display Linked Certificate.
  • Linked Certificate (Drop-down box) - to provide users with the option to link an existing certificate from the Training and Certificates tab.
  • Note (Text field) - to add any additional comments or notes related to user language skills.

These changes are also reflected in the employee's Languages section. The Verified column is now visible in the list, showing whether the language skill is verified with the certificate or not.


Trainings and Certificates

We have implemented further improvements to the Add New Certificate pop-up window within the Trainings and Certificates section of the Education and Experience tab. In this pop-up window, we have included two new fields: Certificate Number and Exam Code. Additionally, the Validity field has been renamed as Expiration Date to provide clearer information.

These enhancements are also reflected in the Trainings and Certificates list. The list now includes an Expiration Date column, which displays the respective expiration dates of the certificates. Furthermore, a new column has been introduced to indicate the statuses of the certificates. Depending on the Certificate Issuance and Expiration dates, the statuses can be categorized as follows: Valid, Expiring, and Expired.


Enhancements related to the Tags fields of the Applicants’ and Candidates’ sections - We have implemented enhancements to the Tags Fields of the Applicants' and Candidates' areas, improving the overall functionality and user experience.

From now on the Tags fields can be found in the Job Opening sections of both the Applicants and Candidates pages, as well as in the Link to Recruitment pop-up windows. The fields will not only display all the existing tags present in the Header section of the relevant page, but also any tags that have been added through bulk selection using the Add Tags and Link to Recruitment actions.

Note:  With this new addition, all the tags that were present during the recruitment process will now be consolidated into a single designated Tags field.

Updates to the Email Notifications and System/Push Notifications - We have introduced a new notification template called Employee(s) Certificates Expiration for the Staff section in Email Notifications as well as the System/Push Notifications areas within the Templates section of Cockpit.

Bug Fixes

WORK → My Timesheets 

Currently, users with Edit permissions to the Worklog and My Timesheets sections can access the timesheets, however, the project timesheets should only be accessible to the creator and approvers.

HIRING → Applicants  

When attempting to link an applicant to the Job Opening, the system does not display an Info pop-up with the message: “This Applicant profile will be replaced by the existing Candidate profile. Do you want to continue?“

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