In today's reality, achieving efficiency, versatility, and success depends on a very crucial aspect such as Integration. raiseR gives you the opportunity to integrate your account with third-party services like Google, Microsoft, Microsoft AI, and much more.

By integrating raiseR with other services you will increase your productivity, average HR and Recruitment related tasks completion time, etc.

Important: In the raiseR system, only administrators have access to and can see the Integrations section, while it remains inaccessible to regular users. If you need to grant access to the Integrations to your employees or other user roles then click here to learn how to do that through the Roles and Permissions section. 

Managing Integrated Services

Once the Integration is enabled for your raiseR account based on your subscription you will be able to see the available integrated services in the My Settings → Integrations section. 

It is important to remember that the connection will run for the next 24 hours. Once it expires, you will just need to reconnect the services to reactivate them. 

Upon expiration, a notification bar will be displayed.

You can either:

  1. Close it temporarily by selecting the close icon. After refreshing the page it will be displayed again.
  2. Close it permanently by selecting the Do Not Show Again button.
  3. Select Open Integrations and enter your Microsoft account credentials. Once you log in, the third-party service card will be updated accordingly, and the integration expiration date will be displayed.

Note: When you have multiple expired integration tokens, and you want to login to any of them, you can do it directly from the Notification bar. Click on the Integration Tokens link, you will view specific integration features that are expired. The displayed integration feature titles are clickable links that will take you directly to the appropriate login popup to log in again.

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