Creating and Working with Surveys

The Surveys section within the Experience module is your one-stop shop for crafting exceptional application forms that gather the most relevant information from your candidates. Here's what you can achieve:

  • Reuse and Save Time: Build application forms faster by using existing surveys you've already created;
  • Targeted Hiring: Tailor forms to specific roles by incorporating relevant survey questions;
  • Data-Driven Insights: Make informed hiring decisions based on valuable survey responses;
  • Smoother Candidate Journey: Provide a more engaging and efficient application process for candidates.

Create a Custom Survey

To create a custom survey:

  1. Navigate to the Experience module and click the + Add button;
  2. Name your survey and provide a helpful description:
    • Polish your text using the provided formatting tools.
  3. Start building your survey:
  • Click the + Add Question button;
  • Enter your question and select the question type (multiple choice, single choice, radio button, etc.);
    • Use the formatting options in the HTML editor to enhance the clarity and readability of your questions
  • Add answer options for relevant question types:
    • Add as many options as needed using the + Add button. You can delete the option if you change your mind by clicking the delete icon.
  • Make questions mandatory as needed using the toggle;
  • Click Save to save your questions. When you're finished building your survey, click the Save button again at the top of the page to finalize and save the entire survey. 

Created surveys are displayed in the list with relevant data points. Click on a survey name to access detailed information. You can use the filtering options to quickly find the specific surveys you need.

Find the Perfect Survey Quickly

  1. Filter by Status and Type: Easily narrow down your search by selecting the survey status ( active, archived) and type (e.g. application form);
  2. Search by Name: Use the search box to find a specific survey by name for even faster access.

Now you can create surveys that can be easily incorporated into the appropriate application forms in the future.

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